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Tindering my way through year abroad

Several months into my year in Madrid I unexpectedly found myself seeing what Spanish Tinder had to offer because, I told myself, it would be really good for my language skills. I’m not one of those people who Tinder-shames. Plenty of people use Tinder and some of them even end up in great relationships as… Continue reading Tindering my way through year abroad

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End of Year Abroad – Hasta Luego

Earlier today I got my final flight from Madrid to Manchester, schlepping my suitcase that definitely weighed over 20kg but which the nice man at Madrid Airport checked in for me without any comments or extra charge. Getting a taxi through the centre of Madrid to the airport this morning felt like I was Lizzie… Continue reading End of Year Abroad – Hasta Luego


Danczuk and the Left’s Misogyny

I wrote this on 6th January 2016 and, sadly, it seems to be relevant all over again. Simon Danczuk was suspended by the party and is currently an independent MP, but sources are now saying he may be allowed to stand as a Labour candidate for Rochdale in the June general election. If Danczuk is allowed to… Continue reading Danczuk and the Left’s Misogyny

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The Istanbul Convention Bill Passes (Jog On Philip Davies)

CW – domestic violence, sexual violence, FGM. Today in Parliament, a number of MPs turned up to debate a bill that surely should need no controversial debate – a bill sponsored by SNP MP Eilidh Whiteford seeking to require the UK government to ratify the Istanbul Convention. What is the Istanbul Convention? The Istanbul Convention, called… Continue reading The Istanbul Convention Bill Passes (Jog On Philip Davies)



Patriotism is defined as “the quality of being patriotic; love of or devotion to one’s country”, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. “Love that people feel for their country” (Merriam-Webster). “Devotion to one’s own country and concern for its defence” (Collins Dictionary). Reading these definitions, in particular taking into account the words “devotion” and “defence”, it’s… Continue reading Patriotism